Repost: Member Focus - Griffiths and Nielsen are handling their environmental obligation with ease!

As a leading supplier of electrical medical and laboratory products to the NHS, Griffiths and Nielsen must be proactive to ensure they are compliant under the WEEE regulations, tackling their environmental obligation with ease.


Griffiths and Nielsen was established over 40 years ago and has evolved to become a leading supplier of medical and laboratory products to the NHS and customers around the world.

They are committed to reducing the impact of their products on the environment and have worked to reduce the amount of waste they are responsible for, by removing single use plastic from their packaging and extending the useful life of electrical products through expanding their servicing operations.

The opportunity

Griffiths and Nielsen joined Comply Direct as a WEEE member in 2017 to address their obligation under the WEEE regulations. As an environmentally conscious business they also wanted to ensure that they were dealing with their electrical waste responsibly and therefore also made use of Comply Direct’s WEEE collection service.

The solution

As a member of Comply Direct’s WEEE compliance service, Griffiths and Nielsen received the following support:

  • Completion of Environment Agency data submissions through the easy-to-use format on Comply Direct’s member portal.
  • Helpful reminders of all deadlines to ensure submissions are completed on time.
  • Clear, transparent regulatory updates through regular e-bulletins.
  • Support with Environment Agency audits.
  • Free webinars covering environmental and legislative topics.
  • Access to Comply Direct’s secure online portal, which includes a wide range of guidance documents, knowledge banks and submission support.
  • Competitively priced WEEE collection service.

The results

As a loyal member of Comply Direct, Griffiths and Nielsen receive all the support they need to tackle their WEEE obligations with ease. In addition to taking on their legal obligation, Comply Direct’s expert account team provide them with all the tools they need to remove the headache of WEEE compliance. With the reform of the WEEE
regulations on the horizon, continued guidance from Comply Direct will ensure Griffiths and Nielsen are fully aware of the policy developments and how it impacts them, ensuring years of hassle-free compliance.

As well as this, Griffiths and Nielsen are responsibly dealing with their electrical waste by making use of Comply Direct’s convenient and time-saving WEEE collection service.

Griffiths and Nielsen’s thoughts

“We’ve always found Comply Direct very easy to deal with response to queries or requests and the explanations provided have always been really clear and easy to understand. Everyone we deal with is always very friendly and helpful.”

Head of QA/RA at Griffiths and Nielsen

If you would like more information around WEEE producer compliance please contact our solutions team at, or call 01756 974 951. 

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